What is Across the Lines?

Conversations with Pan Asian American leaders about the intersection of identity and work.

TL;DR We’re starting a podcast focused on the intersection of Asian American identity and work. We’ll be interviewing CEOs, Executives, Founders, and many other leaders we look up to. We believe our ability to humanize the leaders of today will inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

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What is Across The Lines?

Across The Lines is a podcast that highlights the stories of Pan Asian American leaders and explores the intersection of their personal and professional journeys. Our vision is to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders through candid conversations about the confluence of identity and work.

How to listen?

Listen to Across The Lines on iTunesSpotifyGoogle Podcasts, or Anchor. You can also subscribe to our newsletter here to join us for future conversations.

Why is Across The Lines unique?

We’ve heard enough content on professionals sharing their professional stories. For Across The Lines, we hope to better understand our guests as people. By doing so, we’ll understand them as professionals. During our conversation, we hope to inspire our listeners, humanize their story, and provide attainable advice for them to do the same.

We’ve focused on a unique balance of authenticity, vulnerability, and professionalism. We’ve addressed how it felt raising money as a person of color. We’ve heard guests reflect on the disorientation they’ve felt growing up in a lower-middle-class immigrant family, to now being one of the most powerful people in society. Guests have opened up about how external clout and validation has negatively impacted their mental health.

These are just a few of the themes we would like to cover with Across The Lines. Others include issues like the bamboo ceiling, the model minority myth, and our role in civic life. This is why we believe Across The Lines will provide value to our guests and listeners. We hope you enjoy!

Meet your hosts

Angie Wang

I was born in China, grew up in the Bay Area, went to school in Philly, and worked in Singapore. I’ve been a lot of places, but I’m on an unending journey to understand how the experience and perspectives I’ve encountered are interwoven into the tapestry of my life and identity. Through Across the Lines, I hope to understand and share with you the tapestries of our guests.

Jay Singh

Born in San Francisco and raised in Vancouver, Canada, I’ve always loved hearing people’s stories. From startup founders to social workers in my hometown. Everyone has a story to tell. We can learn from each other, no matter our background. I think a lot about my Indian parents and their struggle through their lives to provide for my sister and me. Thinking about this allows me to be grateful for my current situation. Through Across The Lines I hope to hear more of these stories to better understand myself, and my culture. I invite you to do the same.

Meet the team

Ankita Acharya

Director of Content and Community

Growing up outside of Detroit, most of my extended family lived miles and oceans away. But we found home in the little Indian community nestled in suburban Michigan. From them, I learned that people fundamentally just want to be seen and heard. By creating spaces where people can share their stories, like Across The Lines, I hope that we can find community, belonging, and the threads that tie us together.